Thursday, May 17, 2012

Warhol Bender - Day 31 - Recreate your favorite Challenge

I have seen this last day interpreted many ways.  Some people recreate a mani of their own from a prior day or a mani someone else did for one of the days.  Our instructions were just to choose your favorite challenge and create a mani based on that theme.

 I have to be honest now, the day I chose wasn't my favorite (shhhh) however, I took this as a chance to retry a challenge that I wasn't very happy with the first time around! I choose Day 27 - Inspired by Artwork.  This was the idea I really wanted to do for the original day but I just didnt have the time after work to do it.  My boyfriend actually came up with this idea so I gotta give him credit for that! 

I present to you my Warhol Bender (the robot).

I really love the index finger here.  I think it came out the best, his expression is perfect and totally says "Bite my shiny metal a**" to me!  The pinkie is my least favorite and kinda reminds me of Marvin The Martian! The eyes on this one gave me a heap of trouble for some reason but overall, I really liked it!  I think I may try this again but instead of all Benders I'll try different characters on every nail.  Something I don't think Bender would take kindly to!

Forom index finger to pinkie I used Claire's Grasshopper, Hard Candy Splendid, Claire's Secret Garden and NYC Fuchsia Shock.  The Benders are all mixed acrylic paints.


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    1. Totally my boyfriends idea. This one took forever trying to get it right. It's such a simple design but I kept coming out with a weird looking Bender!