Thursday, May 17, 2012

Explosions - Day 30 - Inspired by a Tutorial

Day 30 was kinda a flop for me. I was a little stressed out and just couldn't relax.  That usually makes for a bad nail day!  While I was pretty happy with the end result I couldn't get it exactly how I wanted it.  Now, looking back, it seems so easy.  I re-did it today as an accent nail and it came out just right!

The tutorial that inspired me is here Nailside - Explosion Tutorial and here is my submission for day 30. By the time I actually ended up with this I just didn't have time to do the third color for the challenge deadline and honestly I just didn't feel like working on it anymore!

I used Claire's Aqua and Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go for this one.

And here is my re-try of this design as just an accent nail. I used Claire's Bright Skies, FP Easel Come, Easel Go! and Sally Hansen Black heart.  I like this one MUCH better in terms of getting it to look like the tutorial. However, looking back at the original I realize that I do really like the way it came out!

Ever have one of those bad nail days where nothing seems to workout?  I hate those days!

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