Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pleasantly Suprised - Day 16 - Tribal

Tribal Prints. Now here is something I had seen but never had the urge to try on myself.  I have nothing against the concept but I just didn't think I would like it.  Was I ever wrong!

It took me a while to figure out exactly what I was going to do.  I tried a couple ideas on my nails but nothing really struck me.  So, instead of wasting remover, polish and cotton I drew little nail templates and started sketching.  This is my end result.

I was loving the finished product.
I decided to take pictures of this one step by step because I wasn't sure what I would like best. Except I forgot to that pics when it was just black and white, oops! Want to see how it progressed?  You don't have to answer that because I'm going to show you regardless. 

I was totally diggin' it with just the blue...

But it needed more, just the right brown.  Perfect.

Top that off with some Seche.  Hmm...I don't like this shine.

At Last, I'm Matte-ly in love!

I used mixed colors of acrylic paint for this one so I have no colors to mention, sorry! 

 I'm glad I got to try this and step out of my box because  I love it!  Have you ever tried a design you though you would hate only to be totally enamored with the end result?

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