Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beauty Minions Catch-up

What's that, brain?  Did you say joining a group which does bi-weekly assignments will help me blog more consistantly?  Well, that sounds fantastic.  Thanks, brain! 

*Cut to 7 weeks later*

WELL, that was a bust.  Thanks for the lies, brain!  Okay so it wasn't a total bust.  I'm still doing my Beauty Minions assignments I'm just not posting about them!  So I'm here in the wee hours of the morning to catch up.

The second assignment (In celebration of her 2 Year Blogversary) was to do a look inspired by the header/background of  Heather's Blog; My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream

Here is my interpretation!  You can see the rest of the entries for this assignment here Beauty Minions V2. I have to admit, I was really excited when I saw my mani as the first picture on the post!

For my base I used Icing - Riviera Romance. The Skull is Finger Paints - Easel Come, Easel Go!  and NYC - Black Creme.  I did the tips with french manicure strips and sprinkled loose silver glitter over clear polish. Yes, there was glitter stuck to everything for days.  Ah yes, glitter; the herpes of crafts! 

Onto assignment 3.  Theme:  HALLOWEEN!  Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love everything about it so I was really into this one and excited to see everyones creations! 

Here's mine and of course you should check out the other Minions here; Beauty Minions V3.

I had painted my nails with Revlon Just Tinted - Desire the day before and while thinking about what I wanted to do I thought about how pink is kinda left out of Halloween.  I love pink and decided that it should be included!  I also used NYC - Black Creme and Finger Paints - Easel Come, Easel Go! in this one.
Well, that's all for now, folks!  I'm off to make early morning grilled cheese sandwiches or as my boyfriend calls them, gorilla cheese. 
Thanks for reading!  See you next time. Same nail time, same nail channel!