Saturday, April 28, 2012

Electric Zebra - Day 13 - Animal Print

I started day 13 off thinking I was going to take the term "animal print" in a different direction.  I had wanted to do animal (foot) prints in an attempt to do something not many people might think to do.  I started off with the bright pink base, I was planning on using it if I did the foot prints but then I decided to try zebra stripes on one nail in this teal and I immediately changed my mind!

This is one of those combos that just won't photograph well.  The pink is very neon and it just freaks my camera out and the stripes are actually a bit darker then they appear here.  I kinda gave up trying to take an accurate picture.  Maybe I'll try again later and re-post, I just wanted to make sure I didn't skip a day again.  I want to get my thumb into a picture anyway!

Here I used Claire's - Hot Stuff and Sally Girl - Surf's Up.  I thinned some of the Sally Girl so it would flow more easily and free-handed the stripes.

Need a striping brush?  If you have one from a striping bottle polish that is getting old and clumpy, clean it up with some polish thinner and remover.  Polish thinner always works better than remover for me when I'm cleaning my brushes.

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