Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shasta Inspired - Day 1 - Red Nails!

Red Nails, sounds simple enough right?  Of course it does...but what else, what else could I do with red?  Only EVERYTHING! All kinds of things popped into my head; Minnie & Mickey theme, flowers, a simple black design...hearts?!  I couldn't decide and it was driving me crazy.  Then I went to grab a drink and BAM!  Inspired by a bottle of Shasta Cola.  Not sure about posting a picture of a companies product here so if you want to see what inspired me, just Google "Shasta Cola".

For this one I used NYC - Big Apple Red (base), Revlon - Raven Red (dots) & a silver striper from Claire's for the star.  Topped with Seche.  Gotta love that shine!

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