Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Quick Intermission

I just discovered this blog!  I was just blog hopping and I came across it.  This gal here is into nail polish, vintage clothing & other items, sci-fi, make-up, jewelry, she makes glass beads and overall, she just seems super fun.  One of those people where you check out their blog and you totally wanna meet them!  Oh and she's a short lady like myself...actually she's shorter then I am!  I'm 5'1 and this gal is 4'11!

ANYWAY, she's having a freakin' amazing giveaway so go check her page out! Vintage Musings Of A Modern Pin-Up's Giveaway

Don't just check the giveaway out either, check out her super cute outfits.  I love the look!

And now, back to our scheduled blogging.

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