Sunday, March 25, 2012

Space Nails!

When I saw my first set of space nails, I had a nerdgasm and said "OMG I HAVE TO DO THAT!".  Okay, well I said something like that or thought it....well, I may have actually said it out loud to myself.  Sometimes I don't realize I'm talking to myself so I can't be sure.

Honestly, I took this pic a while back before I started my blog but I really wanted to share it.  It looked so neat in the sun, you could see through the layers of color and it really looked like nebulae! I couldn't stop staring at them.

In addition to the black base, I used Claire's - Aqua, Sally Hansen -Twisted Pink and NYC - Taxi Yellow which I sponged on with a little piece of a make-up sponge.  Then I added a few small white dots with a dotting tool and little NYC - Starry Sliver glitter in the plain black areas to create, as the polish name indicates...STARS!  You can find some good tutorials on YouTube to see exactly how it's done.



  1. These look great! I'm tagging you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger award, you should go check it out! :-)

  2. Oh, well thank you! I'll definitely check that!