Friday, March 9, 2012

China Glaze Luxe and Lush with Bright Colors.

I haven't seen Luxe and Lush swatched over many light or bright colors but I thought it would be fun! It just takes on the color of the polish you use as your base and makes it look awesome with those iridescent pieces. (My pictures do not do it justice) I especially like  the way it looks over teal!  It gets a blue/green pink/purple color shift to it. 
The colors from thumb to pinky are Wet and Wild;  Wild Shine-Blazed, Hard Candy-Splendid, An unnamed Sally Girl polish from Sally's, Claire's-Grasshopper and NYC; Long Wearing-Fuchia Shock Creme

The Wet n' Wild-Blazed is kinda a bright apricot jelly.  I like it.

I can't decide which color to wear it over right now.   I'm kinda diggin' the different colored nails but I just don't know.  Maybe I'll go with just teal ...or yellow..the yellow looks cool in person. The Multi-color mani is pretty fun though!  Decisions, Decisions...


  1. Beautiful! I think my favorite though was the pinky finger :)

    1. Thank you! I ended up wearing it over the color on my thumb nail the next day. It looked so pretty in the sun!

  2. I think the pinky finger and the teal are my favorites!