Sunday, March 18, 2012

Very Late St. Patrick's Mani

I should have posted this before work today but I got called in early so I skipped it!  I could have done it last night too but I was being SUPER lazy!  Oh well, it's here now!  I ended up doing two manis, one for Friday and one for Saturday.

On Friday, I wanted to do something fun and more artsy but it just seemed like too much work that day so I went with something easy.  I just piled 3 different gold glitters that I had onto this dark green.  I used a gold holo glitter top coat from Claire's first, Color Clubs Take the Stage over that, and then an un-named bigger chunkier gold glitter from Sally's.  The dark green also started out as one of those Sally's minis but I frankened it with a little Orly Winter Wonderland. 

So this was Friday's Mani...I couldn't seem to get a really good pic of it!

Wanted to see what it looked like mattified when I got home!  I <3 Matte glitter!
 This next one is what I wore on St. Patrick's Day.  I used a small dotting tool and an art brush for the shamrocks and stripes.  I need to get a good striping brush for more even lines.  Looks like it's time to go shopping YAY!  On this one I used an acrylic paint for the shamrocks and 2 polishes from The Icing.  I don't think they had names, there may have been names on the box they came in (it was a set of 3 Christmas minis) but there are no names on the bottle.  I hafta say something about the green polish...IT'S FREAKIN' AWESOME!  Indoors it just looks like a nice Kelly green jelly.  Outdoors it almost glows!  It turns into this neon green color. Remember Slimer from Ghostbusters?  That's exactly what it looks like!  Love it. Sorry, I'm rambling...I've had a couple beers!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday!


  1. Love them both! Great job! You need to do all our nails at work one day. ;-)

  2. They both look awesome! I love stripes and mattified glitter! I really like the stripe pattern you did.