Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Candy Shoppe Franken!

If I had waited, I could have bought the Claire's Candy Shoppe dupe but who knew they would come out with that?!  I sure didn't expect it!  Well, as soon as I saw swatches of Deborah Lippman's Candy Shoppe, I fell in love. I'm...frugal so it's hard for me to spend that much on a bottle of polish.  However, I had seen some peoples Candy Shoppe frankens and when I finally had a semi empty bottle to use, I set out to make my own!

I already had some pinks and Claire's Bedazzled so I went for it!  I ended up pouring a boat load of the Bedazzled into a little bit of top coat.  Looking back, I shouldn't have diluted it with anything but I didn't want to use the entire bottle and I was just experimenting.  Then I put just a little NYC Fuchsia Shock into the bottle and added a little more as I went along to get the color I wanted. It started out pretty well but it wasn't exactly what I wanted so I dumped a little bright pink glitter in added some Milani Gems and I'm pretty happy with the results! 

Here is what I came up with!

It has less glitter then the real stuff I think.  Could just be the number of coats I used, but with the pigment of the base, anymore then 2 coats and the glitter in the first coat doesn't show through very well.  I guess it's just a combo of less glitter and a heavier base color!

Overall, I do love this.  Even my boyfriend said it looked cool! I love getting validation on my nails from my boyfriend...He's such an enabler!

There's a Claire's literally right next to the store I work in so, honestly I will probably end up buying the Claire's dupe. I need another bottle of the Claire's Black Hole because it's a great one coat black.  If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it! I know and love all the girls there so I'm sure they will convince me to buy a second 1/2 price, it doesn't take much work to sway me!

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