Friday, February 1, 2013

EBoost Natural Energy

I received a packet of EBOOST Natural Energy Pink Lemonade drink mix in my Influenster 2012 Holiday VoxBox.  Honestly, this is not the kind of thing I go for, I usually get my natural energy from good ol' black coffee!  However, I am always willing to try new things and I do love Pink Lemonade.

EBOOST is loaded with vitamins, green tea leaf extract, green coffee extract and a bunch of other energy giving goodness.  How about I just show you the back label?

That was SO much easier than typing all that out.

Now, what did I think of this?  Well, it wasn't terrible. I like that it has all the vitamins in it and it was drinkable but honestly, it wasn't very tasty.  I could tell that it was supposed to be pink lemonade flavor but it had that vitamin and artificial sweetener funk to it.  It did give me that energy boost but I don't think it was anything more than what I'd get from my good friend coffee.  It's not a bad product but it's really not my cup of tea.  It would definitely be good for certain people.  I can see taking this camping or hiking for that energy boost.  It would also be good for gym goers because you can mix it into your water bottle.  I will probably never buy this product but I'm still glad I got to try it!

What do you think of these kinda drink mixes?


  1. Interesting. I wouldn't want to try this myself, but I do use Emergen-C. great to get some extra vitamins when you're sick.

  2. Yeah, pretty much the same thing only with caffine! Maybe less vitamins, I haven't used Emergen-C in a while.