Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's a Major Award!

I'm sorry, I've been a terrible blogger lately!  I haven't posted anything in almost 2 weeks.  I just haven't felt up to it.  The last couple of months have been rough and I've just been in a funk.  I hate using that as an excuse but there it is.  I've been painting my nails but I haven't really been doing any new nail art so I felt like I didn't have much to post about.

HOWEVER, I just got nominated  for an award from 2 lovely ladies! One of them is Melanie from Samples By Entaeyen and the other is Alyssa from Frugal Polish.  Thank you, ladies  I really appreciate it, it motivated me to do this post!

The rules for accepting the award:
Post the rules on your blog.  Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.  Name five things you love.  Name five things you hate.  Pass the ribbon on to five other bloggers. (Leave them a comment to notify them of their win.)

I liked it, so I put a frame on it!

Five Most Fabulous Moments:

  1. Finding all these ladies I can share my polish obsession with!
  2. Getting my car running again.
  3. Winning Floam! OMG FLOAM!!!
  4. Receiving this award from 2 gals I love!
  5. Getting to travel to Ireland with my dad.

Five Things I Love:
  1. Uh...nail polish, DUH! 
  2. Zombies.
  3. Watching weird documentaries. (I just watched one on Pinball machines)
  4. Singing loudly in my car where no one can hear me. 
  5. Legos!

Five Things I hate:
  1. The sound of mass chatter, like in a crowded mall during Christmas.
  2. Cleaning the tub.
  3. Driving with my boyfriend as my passenger. 
  4. Messing up a perfectly painted nail.
  5. M. Night Shyamalan movies.  I just watched "The Happening" and I was disappointed AGAIN!

  1. Angel from Mega Nailattude
  2. Carrie from Ink & Polish
  3. Lou from Tips and Topcoat
  4. Jess from Kyoti's Nails
  5. Joanna from Polished Dezinez Addict

Oh man, I'm kinda glad that's over!  Choosing was so hard, there's way more then 5 people I would like to award! 

Thank you for reading my blog and a big thanks again to Alyssa and Melanie for the award!


  1. you're welcome, and don't worry about being in a funk... it happens. great picks for your nominees as well! Oh - and I have to agree, love watching weird documentaries (we've mostly been watching 2012 end of the world stuff, go figure) and HATE group chatter. I just hate crowds.

  2. I love that stuff too, we watch a lot of post-apocolyptic movies and those kind of documentaries! I also just watched one about the Rock-a-fire Explosion which is was an animatronic animal band that they had at Showbiz Pizza until they merged with Chuck-E-Cheese and replaced the band with the Chuck-E-Cheese characters. I can't stand crowds, they make me very anxious. I hate not being able to walk at my own pace and getting stuck behind people. Like on escalators...I almost always walk up them. It drives me nuts to have to wait there behind someone!

  3. Congrats! I woulda picked yo but I saw Melanie already had :)

    1. Thaaank you! I would have picked you but I saw that Alyssa already had haha.